Committed to putting love into action, Open Door, Ministry for the Broken is a transitional home that anticipates a safer future for generations to come. We serve both formerly incarcerated women and women who have been through drug rehabilitation programs and have no place to call home afterward.

With one individual at a time, we are seeing the outcome of entire families being changed. The broken have experienced transformation wrapped in the love of Jesus and are spreading that love within their families and out into the community.

Through your generosity, we will continue to secure properties for the sole purpose of housing those in need and providing whatever resource necessary to see them succeed. Reaching the hurting and the lost is made possible because of the prayers and gifts of our friends, partners, and supporters.

To women and children in need of a home . . . your love makes the difference.
To those incarcerated who long to know that someone cares . . . your love makes the difference.
To the broken who have no one to turn to . . . your love makes the difference.