Don’t Have A Place to Live?

  • Tired of relying on the system?

  • Are you in an unstable living situation?

  • Feeling rejected that no one will accept you and your kids?

  • Struggling being a single mom?

  • Scared about getting back into your addiction?

  • Are people, places, and things holding you back?

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Families Should Have A Safe Place To Live

We Believe Families Should Have A Safe Place To Live

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3 Steps To Supporting Our Families

Step 1 - Donate Now

1. Donate Now

Each month there are new needs on top of funds to run the home. This includes donating a car, gift cards for gas, school supplies, etc.

Step 2 - Join A Volunteer Team

2. Join A Volunteer Team

Some areas include landscaping cleanup, 1-on-1 mentoring, Bible Study teachers, fundraising event coordinating, and children’s recreational activity providers.

Step 3 - Feel Good

3. Feel Good

Feel good that you made a difference in keeping a family together. Being a single mom is tough. We believe that everyone should have a safe place to live.

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“Safe transition home for women with their children who desire a closer relationship with God.”
Julie Alverez

Organizations We’ve Worked With

What Makes Open Door Ministry For The Broken Different?

Many single moms in San Diego struggle to find an affordable and safe place to live. We created a faith-based transitional home for families so they can learn the life skills they need to live a happy and independent life. We know what it’s like being a single mom coming out of an addiction or being incarcerated. Mary Delozier, the founder was in a similar spot.

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A Note From Mary, the founder. “Hi, beautiful. I’ve been in your shoes and know what it’s like to need some help finding a home, job, and reliable transportation. I found Jesus and got out of jail after 14 years. You don’t have to keep feeling broken from your life choices. It is my mission and passion to provide homes, jobs, and life skills for women in San Diego. God has placed a bigger vision in my heart to expand and purchase more homes across the US, open coffee shops and boutiques. I’m so proud of the 200 people I’ve helped over the past 4 years. I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story beautiful. Jesus is the only one who will heal your broken heart and give you a new life”.

We are committed to helping you no longer rely on the government or unhealthy family members so you can stop feeling rejected. The process is simple – fill out an application, schedule a call, and pay your $600 deposit. Once you apply, you’ll have taken the first step to have a safe and stable home for your kids.

We believe everyone should have a safe place to live and you deserve to be a confident woman with a home of your own. We help you learn life skills so that you can provide for your family.

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Since 2015, We’ve Provided an Affordable and Safe Home for Over 200 Women and Their Children

Julie Alverez

“Safe transition home for women with their children who desire a closer relationship with God”

Julie Alverez
Emma Creek

“This ministry has grown before my eyes & I know for a fact God’s hand is over it and working through it.”

Emma Creek
Hubert Barnes

“Praise the Lord!! You answered the call of the Lord.”

Hubert Barnes

3 Parenting Tips

#1 Will Surprise You!

Many parents don’t know how to be a spiritual leader or where to start. So we created these three tips to help you get started. So you and your kids grow that special bond with each other and God.

3 Parenting Tips